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Counselling Tunbridge Wells

About me

I am passionate about the transformative power of talking therapies and, should you choose to see me, you’ll find that I work in a collaborative way – in other words counselling is done ‘with’ you rather than ‘to’ you - and I provide a warm, safe and empathic space where your situation can be explored.

We will work together, at a pace that suits you, to uncover obstacles that may be holding you back. This process will help you develop new ways of responding to life's challenges so you can make better choices to get your needs met.

I make use of analogies/metaphors/dreams and have even been known to crack a joke – where appropriate - to make sessions feel more enjoyable and personal.


At one time or another, most of us have felt stuck or had a sense of being trapped by our behaviour or our thinking, possibly repeating past patterns in relationships, overreacting at work, or finding it difficult to get ourselves heard, or being pulled into making unwise choices in life. We feel unable to move forward yet believe there must be a way to do so.


Often, it’s that discomfort or unease between wanting to change, but not knowing how or being able to make those changes on their own that first brings people to come and see me.

I believe that despite the circumstances that any of us may find ourselves in, we are able, with support, to think about our situation with a view to making fundamental changes, to lead to an enhanced and more positive experience of life.

We all create stories to make sense of our world and those stories are established at a very early age. But with the right support, we can choose to make changes, to find ourselves in a new one.

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